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Doug was rushing to get to his sister's house on Christmas Eve, when he happened upon the most pathetic looking old couple broken down on the side of the road. They needed his help. They had to be somewhere, somewhere very special, before midnight. It was a matter of life or death. Couldn't he possibly help them out?

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about Christmas songs on the radio for a surprisingly long time, then eventually mention the writing of the story "What You Deserve", and what moved Rish to write such a tale.

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Brand and Macee were trying to have a nice Christmas together, but their shelf elf seems to be possibly possessed and on the attack. What do they do? Find out in the exciting conclusion to The Christmas Creature.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about several things...including the challenge of making something like a child's plaything into a viable antagonist.

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Brand is watching his daughter, Macee, for Christmas. Rose, the girl's mother, wasn't happy about it, but it was her only choice when grandma got sick at the last minute. Brand is going to make up for his failures of the past, though. He even got Macee a cute little Elf on the Shelf to make it the perfect holiday...or did he?

Afterward, Rish and Big go through all the story prompt suggestions provided by the listeners, and decide on what they will use to write their Christmas story this year.

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Best friends, Scott and Brian, loved their job working together at Little Caesars, but one day, Brian died in a car crash...but he still came to work.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about their own experiences working behind the counter at their own respective Little Caesars restaurants, and other surprising similarities that made them destined to be eventual friends.

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"On the go!" - Big Anklevich

"This is the worst episode we've ever done." - Rish Outfield

In March of 2017, Big and I recorded this episode during a road trip, and I thought it turned out so poorly that I never released it.* But at the same time, I never deleted the file.

Well, I decided to listen to it the last time I went camping, and after the first ten minutes or so, I decided it might be entertaining, at least to me and Big. So, here is Big and me discussing the books that shaped America. At least, the books after the most important ones.

Whether you agree with the list, and our thoughts about the books on it, I'm sure we can all agree . . . that the sound DEFINITELY makes the episode unlistenable.

*Also, the audio quality is slightly worse than terrible.

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Radio hosts Ben and Ricky need to talk about their career. Unfortunately, they choose Charburger on State Street to meet for lunch. It's Rish Outfield's "Last Lunch at Charburger"

Afterward, Rish talks about why he wrote the story, and the ever-present danger of putting the people you know in your writing.

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When Rish went into a bookstore and saw Orson Scott Card's new book "Lost and Found" on the shelf, he thought, "Hey, I wrote a story called that once." But when he read the description of the book, he thought, "Hey, I wrote a story with that plot once."

Just that week, he had started work on a sequel, but now he wondered what the point was. What does Big say? What do you say? What might Orson Scott Card say?

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In David Erik Nelson's story, adjunct professor James Hodge is approached after a lecture concerning the mythical Slender Men, by a young woman who is absolutely convinced they are not a myth.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about belief in the supernatural and, I dunno, probably say something offensive along the way.

Special thanks to Tena Kolokowski for lending her voice to today's story.

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Yeah, it happened. Rish broke down and saw a Bayverse Transformers movie.

But don't worry, Big Anklevich still has his integrity.

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Oscar and Simi now know what's causing the problem in their home, but what can they do about it? How can they fix it? Or is it something that they just have to ride out and hope for the best? Find out in part two of Fireflies written by show host B.D. (Big) Anklevich.

After the (finale of) the story, Big and Rish talk about the story, how big feels about it now that it's in the rear view mirror, and whether he would write a story like that today.

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Uh oh, Mommy and Daddy are fighting again. What will poor Peter Parker do? Sony and Disney have failed to come to an agreement on Spider-man, and now Sony says it's going to walk away, take their ball and go home, and Spider-man will no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What does that mean? Can things possibly still work out? And if they don't, is there any hope for Spider-man? We talk about those questions and more on Today's That Gets My Goat.

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This may be our longest--and latest?--episode yet, wherein we discuss SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, its spoilers, and its implications.

It should have been done long ago (and perhaps split into multiple shows), but Rish wasn't able to get to it until now. We assure you he'll be much quicker in getting you their review of the recent LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, starring Lon Chaney and Marceline Day.

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Weird things have started happening to Oscar and Simi. Are they visions? Dreams? Hauntings? Are they just going crazy? And how bad could it get? Find out in part one of Fireflies written by show host B.D. (Big) Anklevich.

After the (first part of) the story, Big and Rish talk about some of the worries, anxieties, and joys of being responsible for children who rely on you to shelter, nurture, and protect them.

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Big and Rish get together in the flesh(!) to talk about TOY STORY 4.

Which one didn't want to go see it? Which one hates the Disney live-action remakes more? Which one actually liked one of them? Which one can do a Keanu Reeves impression? Which one brings up STAR WARS first? Which one actually likes sequels? Which one can remember the name of the next Pixar film? Which one is sick of the MCU's box office record-breaking? Which one is upset by the LITTLE MERMAID remake's casting? And which one was made terribly sad by the ending of TOY STORY 4?

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In a throwback episode to when these shows were used to complain, Rish bends Big's ear about Pop Vinyls (or Funko Pops). Does Rish compare Pop collectors to Star Wars collectors? Does Big own any Pop Vinyls? Does Rish?

If so, does that make him a hypocrite? You be the judge.


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Join Big, Marshal Latham, and Renee Chambliss as they perform Rish's sketch "Positive Spin," about finding good movie reviews in hard-to-reach places.

Afterward, Rish and Big discuss writing something bad . . . and what to do when it turns out not-so-good. Was this sketch as bad as New Mutants (2018), The Room, or Troll 2?

Special thanks to Renee Chambliss and Marshal Latham for providing their voice talents for the story.

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Continuing where we left off, Big, Rish, and Renee discuss AVENGERS: ENDGAME, and its ramifications (and spoilers).

It's the episode that totally burned out Renee Chambliss's voice, kids!

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Rish 'n Big get together to talk about (and spoil) AVENGERS: ENDGAME. It's the discussion too big for one episode . . . and too big for just us to talk about!

Meaning, Renee Chambliss joins us to chat about the film as well. Who's your favorite Avenger?

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Big and Rish talk about the newest DC Comics film adaptation SHAZAM! Was it too silly? Was it too horrifying? Where did he get that frilly cape? And how many times can Gomer Pyle say the magic word?

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Big's vagabond shoes are longing to stray, so he regales Rish (and you) with details of his recent trip to New York City. He checks out the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Ellis Island, the Flatiron Building, the Place Where They Keep The CHUDs, the subway (oops already said that), the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial, and Broadway (twice!).

*No, Big doesn't spell his name with an extra g, as I'm well aware. But thanks for reminding me.

Oh, and while you've got me in a bad mood, sit down and listen to this episode like a lady or gentleman. We've worked damned hard for you over the years, providing entertainment that's, for all intents and purposes, free . . . you owe us this one.

Unless you've donated to the show or support me on Patreon. In which case, you're off the hook. Just barely.

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It's time for more Marvel Studios, kids. This time Big 'n Rish saw CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Was it Crap(tain)? Or was it Marvel(ous)? Okay, that wasn't great. But you try naming these things, week after week. See what it does to you.

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So, not content with the first hour, Big and Rish ask about more franchises, like Terminator, Universal Monsters, Highlander, John Carter, and the DCEU. Can they be fixed, Bob?

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Remember Bob the Builder asking, "Can we fix it?" in every episode? Well, today Rish and Big ask the same musical question, regarding the Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Transformers franchises.

Watch (in horror) as Rish says something positive about the Prequels and Big refuses to take his own daughter to the movies. Oh wait, it's a podcast, guess you won't be watching anything. Can you fix it?

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Tom Mathers hasn't finished his book, despite the deadlines. What he needs is a muse...a magical muse...a dragon muse?

Afterwards, Big and Rish sympathize with him.

Special thanks to Bria Burton for providing her voice talents for the story.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Episode art was from Pat Pilon on Flickr. It was resized and the background smudged for effect.

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or "The Cautionary Tale of M. Night Shyamalan."

Big and Rish talk about--spoilers!--GLASS, the sequel(ish) of UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT. But Rish doesn't even care if you see it. Do you?

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Rish Outfield, world's biggest Spider-man fan (or maybe it's world's biggest Bossk fan, maybe you should just ignore that statement), and Big Anklevich, world's biggest waist, got together (virtually) to talk about the new Spider-man animated feature film called SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE. Did they like the film? Did they like the animation style? Did Big Anklevich continually use annoying phrases like, "second verse, same as the first," over and over again? Find out know, listening to the show.

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