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Big and Rish talk about the newest "Wizarding World" installment, The Crimes of Grindelwald. How does it measure up to other famous spin-off series? See how many times they bring up the Prequels, just for a laugh.

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Gregg Chamberlain tells us the funnest tale involving a Satanist since Harry Potter, in "Bunnies of the Apocalyse!"

Afterward, Big and Rish talk about the story, about the Four Horsemen, and a recent difficulty in the Outfield home.

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It was with sadness that we heard about the passing of Stan Lee, the father of Marvel Comics. So, Big and I got together with fellow comics fan Marshal Latham, to talk about the late, great writer and creator.


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Just in time for Halloween, Rish brings us another barbecue sketch . . . only without the barbecue. A trio of friends gather around the campfire to tell "Increasingly Scarier Stories To Tell In The Dark."

Afterward, join Big and Rish as they talk o--what, you've already turned it off? Oh.

Special thanks to Renee Chambliss and Marshal Latham for lending their voices to this production.

Rish Outfield has been bugging me to do an episode in which I talk about the emotional toll that it takes on a parent to have their child go off to college and essentially leave the family for good to start their own life and possibly their own family one day. Well, I resisted the peer pressure as long as I could, but when he called me a poopoo head, it was more than I could bear, so I caved in and made the episode. Here is the result, what is probably a far too intimate glimpse into my life. Hope you like what you see...

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In 1937, Carl H. Claudy published a story called "Creeping Danger" in a popular magazine called American Boy magazine. In 2018, Rish Outfield discovered a copy of American Boy magazine in an old trunk in a shed called the Tin Garage, and decided that story would make an interesting episode of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. So, here it is, a reading of a historical pulp science fiction story from the thirties. Hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to Marshal Latham for lending his voice to this production.

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Here it is, part two of that big listener submitted question and answer session. More of the things you never wanted to know about the Dunesteef...except that big teaser about Announcer Man finally revealed.

Again, a very special thanks to everyone who helped us out over the last ten years, without all of your help the show wouldn't have made it past its two year anniversary tops, and we'd probably be having some kind of Kickstarter to relaunch it right now. You guys are the greatest.

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I finish the story of my weight loss journey, then talk about the theory behind it. It's something that I'm really passionate about, but I know that not everybody cares so much. So, I won't be too upset if you skip it. I feel like I've finally found the key, and I want everyone who might be in a similar situation as me to also know it. It's all about hormones folks. Anyway, watch the show if you're interested. I'll be back with something completely different next time, but I'll probably come back to this subject again eventually when I finish losing all the weight.

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It's hard to believe but it's been ten whole years since we started this podcast. As a sort of a celebration, Rish and Big sat down and answered questions from listeners. It's all the things you ever never wanted to know about the Dunesteef...well, not all of it, there's still a part two that we're stringing you along for.

Special super thanks to everyone who helped us out over the last ten years, we couldn't have done it without all of our friends' help. You guys are the greatest.

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Warning: So (potentially) offensive we disclaim it twice!*

Rish and Big discus the firing of James Gunn from the third GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY film over incendiary Tweets he made years ago. Then their heads start turning...can everyone's past words come back to haunt them? Are jokes no longer fair game?

*Or thrice, if that warning counts.

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Kage Gray hasn't been back to Waypoint 5 in 12 cycles as the T'Tin reckon things. He never meant to come back again at all, but he's got a problem that needs to be solved. What's worse, Waypoint 5 has only gotten worse since he left. Now there's an Iniquity operating onboard, and he's going to have to go inside...

Afterward, Big and Rish talk about the long and winding road that this story traveled toward its final appearance on the show, and just how patient Mr. Roseman has been in awaiting that day.

Special super duper thanks to Justin Charles for producing the story and also to Bria Burton, Tena Kolokowski, Chris White, Gino Moretto, Cameron Howard, Bill Bowman, Leo Godin, and John Higham for lending their voices to this episode.

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It's Marvel's last entry in the 2018 books, the sequel to 2015's improbable hit, Ant-Man. This time he's got a super heroic friend called the Wasp fighting at his side. In that spirit, Rish Outfield got together with his super heroic friend Big Anklevich to talk about the film, and how it made them feel deep inside in their special place.

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In honor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's tenth anniversary, Rish brings Big (and you) another episode of nobody's favorite game show, "Rock The Quote." Fake Arnold Schwarzenegger presents 33 quotes from Marvel Studios films . . . can Big identify them all?

Can you?

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In today's episode, Big tells the beginning of the story that he is right in the middle of living. It's a bit of a weight loss journey combined with a bit of paradigm shifting journey. Sadly, he blabbed so long that he couldn't tell it all, so he will be back again (eventually) to tell you part two, and if it goes as well as this one, part three on another day.

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So, way too soon for Big and Rish, the new STAR WARS movie has hit theaters. Here's their feelings, as well as a bit about its lackluster first weekend at the box office.

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Clint got detention for giving Byron Lincoln a purple nurple in class, but that's not the reason he needed to talk to his parents. No, Clint needs to come out to them about something that he has finally come to terms with. It's time to let it out of the bag...

Afterward, Big and Rish talk about the Dunesteef show, and what you might be able to look forward to from them in the future.

Special thanks to Tena Kolokowski for lending her voice to this episode.

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