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Just under the wire, since there's still a few hours left of least in our time zone, here's our annual holiday spectacular.

Jaxon has written a letter to Santa Claus. He needs something a little out of the ordinary this Christmas. Will he get it? Ho, ho ho!

Afterwards, Big and Rish talk about the story, believing in Santa, and the crazy things people name their children...and their characters these days.

Special thanks to Justin Charles for producing today's story, and to Renee Chambliss and Dave Robison for lending their voices to the tale.

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Sorry kids, I'm a bit too tired and busy to do a Christmas story this year.*  But I'm still up for talking about doing a story, and about the Christmasness of it all.

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It's a five year plan, and I've just made it to the end of month...two, I guess, although October was an extra month, so maybe it's just month one. Anyway, I'm here to report again on how things went this month, and to make a few promises as well.

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Sony made an announcement. Then Fox made an announcement! Then Warner Brothers made announcement too!! Then Marvel made an announcement as well!!?!

Sorry guys, my calendar is a little full, I don't know if I can fit this all in.

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So, here's the end of the story.  Special thanks to Marshal Latham, who was kind enough to lend his voice to this episode.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the lengthier story (and the shorter space between shows).  If so, let us (ie, me) know.

As usual, the full text can be purchased on Amazon, and the audiobook on Audible.

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