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Big, Rish, and Bryan Lincoln talk about the project, and little green men.

Warning: may include science.

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Rish took it upon himself to write an audio drama for the final nights of this marathon. Is it inspiration...or madness?

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Well, we've pretty much reached the end of our marathon, and Rish doesn't know if he wants to run this episode or not.

But hey, what else is he going to do?

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Big and Rish continue their own, and listeners' spooky stories. Aren't you scared?

Well, that's just fine.

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Getting tired, folks. I'll be honest with you.

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Rish and Big will try to bring you a couple of scary tales, including a couple provided by helpful listeners. Warning: may include gluten.

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What? What's this? Who are you? How did you get here?

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Only somewhat related to the urban legends topic, Rish and Big briefly talk about the Rock Music = Satan hysteria of the late Seventies/Eighties. Rish wishes he had talked more about how Depeche Mode contributed to Mephisto's plans.

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Big is disturbed about the recent onslaught of all things Pumpkin Spice.

But why aren't you?

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Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich continue their daily podcast about their favorite holiday!

One of Rish's favorite things--besides Pepsi-Cola, frogs, inappropriate jokes, and mammary glands, that is--are Urban Legends, aka "Friend of a Friend stories."

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Growing up with a hundred and sixteen brothers and sisters, Big never once got a chance to try any of the famous(?) monster cereals. Now, in 2014, he's gonna rectify that injustice.

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In a continuation from last night, Rish and Big talk about scaring people--particularly children.

Warning: may include wailing.

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Oh no, Big and Rish are back with their daily tribute to All Hallow's Eve!

Unfortunately, the forces (of darkness? of light?) conspired against them and this episode--already recorded under the wire--was lost, forcing them to re-record it, and edit it on the day it was due to come out.

Hopefully, the rest of the episodes will be less stressful.

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So, this is an episode from back in July, before I got so homeplessly behind on my podcasting.  Ah, who am I kidding?  I was behind then, and I was behind the year before that

But in this episode, which started out as me trying to do a blog post when I was too busy to do a blogpost, I talk a bit about what's going on in my world, and an idea I got for forthcoming episodes. 

Also, I present, "Sea Monkey Do," a little piece briefly summarizing the origin of the worst child scam in modern history (not taking Pokemon cards into account).

This is, hopefully, only the first in a series of more regular podcasts from yours truly (and Fake Sean Connery, if I can ever get our schedules to synch).

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An entity is pulled from its slumber, to perform its duty. What is that duty? It’s pretty distasteful. Listen to the dark poem by Bryan Lincoln that was good enough to force Big and Rish’s hand, and make them run their least favorite literary genre on their show.

Afterward, Rish and Big curse Bryan’s name, and vow to avenge the wrong he has done to them. They also praise his good looks, and flounder about pathetically while trying to interpret just what happened in the poem. Luckily, Sonny See was there to rescue them.

Special thanks to Sonny See for producing and narrating today’s story, as well as providing the episode art.

So, no story this time, though they are on the way.  Find out what's coming for me, my projects, and the Dunesteef.  I recorded this quickly because it's rare to get me in a positive, goal-oriented mood.

Let's see if I can get it posted as quickly.

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