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After being pressured and threatened by Rish Outfield, I finally got around to recording another Anklecast. In this one, I talk about the experience of establishing a deadline for myself to have a story written by, and then actually managing to finish the story before that deadline arrived.

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Not long ago now, Big got the idea to write a story "live" on his blog. Rish did the same. Then, they did it again. Now, they discuss it, Big's ambitions, Rish's bete noir, and writing stories that, ahem, suck balls.

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At long last, the story that you never thought you'd hear. It's the lostest of the lost episodes of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine.

It is the age of super science. Dr. Nefarious is on the verge of inducing the singularity and destroying the world. The only hope for humanity is Malcolm...well, he's not the only hope, there is a plan C. Don't look for plan B, it's not back there.

Afterward, Big and Rish apologize profusely to Matthew, and tell the sad, twisted tale of The Empire State Building Strikes Back's journey to audio publication. It's a really sad, twisted tale. And...we're really sorry this took so long, Matthew.

Special thanks to Renee Chambliss, Marshal Latham, Dave Thompson "Podcastle Enforcer", L. Scribe Harris, and Tom Tancredi for lending their voices to the episode, and to Sonny See for providing the episode art.

(aka "Khal Drogo On A Rickshaw Bicycle . . . Your Argument Is Invalid")

So, a month or so back, Big and Rish went to a convention, taking kids along. Things did not go exactly as planned.

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