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It's the live episode we recorded at this year's New Media Expo.

Gretta's child is scheduled for "the test".  She knows he won't pass it, and is determined to do everything she can to get out of it.

Afterwards, Big and Rish welcome in a whole group of guests to talk about the story and this year's New Media Expo experience.
Special thanks to Justin Charles for producing today's story, to Bryan Lincoln, Renee Chambliss, Marshal Latham, Abigail Hilton, and Johnny Fiesty for lending their voices to the episode.

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Sarah feels alone and empty now that both Nana and Papa Bill have both passed on and left her to wend her way through life completely on her own.  Could they possibly still have something in store for her to help her be happy?

Afterwards, Rish and Big discuss gloaming, gloaming, and more gloaming.  Believe me, it really becomes tedious, and I'm a fan...of gloaming that is.
Special thanks to Jeremy Carter for producing today's story, to Katherine Inskip for lending her voice to the episode, and to Dave Krummenacher for making today's art.

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