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Wes, also known as The Secret Santa, is back with another adventure.  Still on the run from Professor Tickety and his elf minions, Wes encounters a new adversary, the dark side of Christmas, Krampus.  Krampus's power is immense, how can Wes defeat him, and if he does, then what?

Afterward, Big and Rish talk about their history with Krampus, and the difficulties of writing Christmas stories and story series. They promise that last episode would be the last conversation on the show about writing for this year, but they lied.

Special thanks to Amory Lowe for producing today's story, and to Julie Hoverson, and Angelo Moretto for lending their voices to the tale.

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Gerald Kappler moved to Los Angeles, dreaming of life as a writer.  And then, nothing happened.  His career, his ambitions, and even his inspiration seems to have dried up.  But an encounter with a muse in an unlikely place inside a bookstore in Santa Monica changes his destiny.
Afterward, Big and Rish talk about ideas, scatology, and inspiration.  They promise this to be the last conversation on the show about writing.  For this year, anyway.

Special thanks to Tyler Privett for producing today's story, and to Lyndsay Privett, Blane Privett, Tiffany Privett, Tin Duong, Freddie Granado, and Tyler Privett for lending their voices to the tale.

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The Dunesteef is back with a brand new edition, produced by Bryan Lincoln!  In "The Battle of the Ideas," Garrett is an aspiring writer who seldom makes time for writing his stories.  He figures his characters understand and will forgive him for it.  Turns out, he couldn't be more wrong.


Afterward, Big and Rish talk about the major economic strengths and weaknesses of Sudan.  Oh, no, actually, they talk about writing.


Note: This is the "official " release of this episode.  The "bootleg" release is available elsewhere.

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Wow, can you believe it?  The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine won a Parsec Award!  You'll have to excuse us for getting a little exuberant and talking for a long time about it before we get to the story.  You can skip to 17:10 if you want to go straight to the start of the story.

The apocalypse left Jackson's world a burned out and dismal place.  He has lived in Two-Nine with Mother for a long time, without ever dreaming that there might be more out there.  But when a stranger comes to his station with a story and some pills to trade, Jackson starts to believe that he might still be able to go up to go forward.
Afterward, Big and Rish talk about hidden meanings in the story, lay out Sonny See's drinking game rules, and spout some of their other usual B.S.  The sky's the limit no longer!

Special thanks to Sonny See for producing today's story, to Desia B. and Sonny See lending their voices to today's episode, and to Caroline Parkinson for providing the art for the show.

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Joshua McGinty grew up in an unusual family.  The family has a religious calling, but it's one that Joshua desperately wants to escape.  And he thought he had, until suddenly, his twin sister January showed up to bring it all back again...
Afterward, Big and Rish talk about the Broken Mirror Story Event, and Rish tells us, begrudgingly, about the writing of his story.

Special thanks to Dave Robison, Julie Hoverson, and Abigail Hilton for lending their voices to today's episode.

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A boy picks up a couple of pumpkins in preparation for Halloween, only to find out they are part of a bizarre and deadly Halloween trick.
In a bit of a different episode than usual, Rish shares his reading of Steven E. Wedel's "Unholy Womb," the title track of the audiobook he recently narrated for Steven's collection "Unholy Womb and Other Halloween Tales," soon to be available for purchase on Audible.
Afterward, Big and Rish talk about producing this story, its potential for expansion, its villain, and say goodbye to their traditional recording location: Big's kitchen table.  If you listen closely, you may even find out which is worse: a band calling a later album by the band name, or a sequel or prequel naming itself by the original title.

Special thanks to Steven for allowing us to use his story on the show.

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Jeremy Leclerc is a Knight Templar.  In his journeys, he's encountered many supernatural beings, some friendly, some less-than-friendly.  But now, women have been disappearing throughout Charlotte because of a hideous, soul-sucking creature.  Has he met his match this time?
Afterward, Big and Rish talk about proper pronunciation of words versus saying things the cool-sounding way, French accents and their ability or lack of ability to scare away listeners, and what stuff we might have prepared for you in the future on the podcast.

Special thanks to Bryan Lincoln for producing the episode and to Starla Huchton, Kathryn Pride, L. “Scribe” Harris, and Kathy Bowler lending their voices to the tale, as well as Michael Church for the art.

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After a fatal heart attack, a man's ghost tries desperately to let his wife know that he is well, and that she should move on and try to be happy.  But without a body, he can do nothing but watch.  There must be a way...

Later, Big and Rish bring you the long anticipated "Drawing of the Three".  What's that you may ask?  Well, it's the drawing of the three words for each participant in the Triple Word Score Contest.  Listen in and find out what you or others will be stuck crafting a story out of.  Good times will be had by, I mean all.

Special thanks to Melissa Hills for producing the episode and lending her voice to the tale, as well as Mustafaa for the music.

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Harry heads to his friend Mark's house for a neighborhood barbecue, when a sore subject comes up.  Then a contest in one-upsmanship breaks out.  Who has it best, Harry, Mark, or Fisher?  And who has it worst?

Afterward, Rish gives us a sort of on the spot author's, that's not right...more like an origin story, which is more fitting, I suppose since it's Rish we're talking about.  And Big and Rish introduce the newest Dunesteef writing contest.  Be sure you sign up to be a part of it.

Special thanks to L. "Scribe" Harris and Bryan Lincoln for lending their voices to the tale.

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The phone rings in the middle of the night . . . and it's time for Levi Keller to do his work once again.  You see, sometimes he has to visit with someone after an "accident," and let them know where they stand.
It's another winning entry in the Broken Mirror Story Event, this one written by Sam Schreiber.  Afterward, Big and Rish talk a bit about the BMSE contest, and about Gino Moretto's production.  They mention their recent visit to Las Vegas, announce a new Incentive Episode . . . and Rish Outfield makes a startling revelation!

Special thanks to Gino Moretto for producing today's story and doing the artwork for it as well.  Also thanks to Tatiana Gomberg, and Debbie Cowens for lending their voices to the tale.

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In this sequel to "The Battle of Leila the Dog," everybody's favorite Gartino, Cy De Gerch, returns home to Mars after nearly losing her life and her ship.  But Mars is not the home she remembers . . . and her life there is not quite her own.
Afterward, Big and Rish talk about second chances and parallel timelines.  With lots of irritating musical references.  Be warned. 

Special thanks to Renee Chambliss for producing today's story and to Starla Huchton, Dave Robison, and Renee Chambliss for lending their voices to the tale.

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