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In a sequel to his story "Plague Birds" that appeared on the Dunesteef on episode 92, Jason Sanford tells the story of Plague Bird Christina de Ane's further adventures in the future earth that has been driven toward the brink of insanity by gene manipulation.  She arrives in a new village, where the Alderman's son has been brutally murdered, and is duty bound to dispense justice.  But something just doesn't seem right...

Also, Big and Rish talk about how much better <em>The Dark Knight</em> is than its predecessor <em>Batman Begins</em>.  They also talk about how much better <em>Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan</em> is than its predecessor <em>Star Trek: The Motion Picture</em>.  And that's before the story even begins.  You'd think we were in for a long show, but surprisingly, they reign it in after the story ends.  You may not be searching for a way to deafen yourself by the end of the show after all.

Special thanks to Bryan Lincoln for producing today's story, to L. "Scribe" Harris, Veronica Belmont, Paul Kuhr, James David Jackson, and Bryan Lincoln for lending their voices to today's episode, and to Melissa Hills for today's episode art.