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Is this our Valentine's Day episode, or another anti-Valentine's show?  You be the judge.
It's the question on everybody's minds, as soon as they hear about fully-functional, human-like robots.  And though you wouldn't know it from listening to Rish Outfield, this story was not written by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Afterward, very little gets said about robot sex, but there is a little more spoken about human relationships, and a couple of stories about inspiration are swapped.  If you're that guy who complained about platitudes, though, you will find nothing of worth here, so move along.

Special thanks to Kim Price, Julie Hoverson, Bryan Lincoln, Marshal Latham, Amory Lowe, Joe Zieja, Josh Roseman, Damon Shaw, Amanda Crum, Clay Dugger, and Scott Pigg for lending their voices to today's episode.

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