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When Angela's husband died, she was devastated.  She just couldn't stop dwelling on her pain, until a friend gave her a book to help distract her.  Working her way through the hobbies in the book, she made it to "calendar keeping," and that's where it all went horribly wrong.  Never buy a calendar from a goth chick!

Afterward, Big and Rish try to explain why this episode is so late, and talk about calendars and record-keeping (sounds fascinating, I know).  Also, some kind of announcement is made in there somewhere.

Special thanks to Kenn Crawford for producing today's story; R.E. Chambliss, Ryan E. Stevenson, and Cheyenne Amero for lending their voices to today's episode; and Melissa Hills for providing the episode art.

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When Rain was born, he was different from others, he was colicky for one, and babies weren't colicky anymore.  Not since before.  But things were about to change...

Also, Rish and Big talk utopias, dystopias, and the story potential of such concepts.

Special thanks to R.E. Chambliss for producing and narrating today's story; Heather Roulo, The Tie Dye Flipster, and Sgzhanke S. Carlo for lending their voices to today's episode; and Lisa Wilde for providing the episode art.

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Happy new year!  Everybody's favorite galaxy-hopping (as well as bed-hopping) hero, Catastrophe Baker, is back in another Mike Resnickian adventure.  Has he met his match when making first contact with an alien race?
Afterward, Big and Rish seem to have forgotten what show they're on, as they talk about New Year's Resolutions, writing goals, and give R080T ample opportunity to play the sad music.


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Special thanks to Tobias Queen for producing today's episode; to Kathryn Pride, and Renee Chambliss for lending their voices to the tale; and SonnySee for the episode art.

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