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A special Halloween treat (no, make that trick) for all of our listeners.

Edgar Allen Poe wrote a story based on a famous country music song called, "The Tell-Tale Heart."  Rish Outfield performs a reading of this classic tale just too late for anyone to actually listen to it before Halloween.

Afterward, Rish and special guest, Big Anklevich, talk about their favorite Halloween costumes, and Fake Sean Connery talks about his exploits with all the various members of our hosts' families.  What a delightful little scamp he is.

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A Silkie Wrap.  All the beautiful people are getting them.  After you've had yours, you'll feel like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.  Hopefully, you can afford the price.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk a bit about that thing that's in the eye of the beholder, deals with the devil, the thing that's a joy forever, and that thing that's only skin deep.  Rish does go on and on even more than usual here, so be warned if he tends to offend you.

Special thanks to Tanja Milojevic for producing today's episode and to Wendy Cooper, Tanja Milojevic, Julie Hoverson, and Andrea Fontenot for lending their voices to the tale.

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Old Mrs. Wakefield seems like such a nice lady.  All the kids love to go to her house after school on Fridays for treats.  Such a wonderful tradition they all enjoy so much. There couldn't possibly be something sinister underneath, could there?

Afterward, Rish and Big talk and talk and talk.  Evil children.  Trick or treating.  Halloween candy.  Clean-bots.  Kindly old people.  Snot-nosed brats.  Superman with elephantitis.  This is destined to be one of our best episodes ever.  Or easily our worst.

Special thanks to Scott Pigg for producing today's episode and to Wendy Cooper for lending her voice to the tale.

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When a household mishap causes Rudy to lose his finger, he discovers more than just dead tissue: something alive about the severed digit. How could that happen? What does it mean? Where is it going? I just can't put my finger on it...

Also, Rish about Big say a word or two about the unknown, and many more words about constructive criticism and trying to get better at creative endeavors.

Special thanks to Bryan Lincoln for producing today's story, and Veronica Giguere for lending her voice to the episode.

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Produced and narrated by Tobias Queen, Harris Tobias brings us "The Troop," a tale about a sole human survivor on an alien planet, and his attempts to co-exist wit the native creatures there.
Afterward, Tobias Outfield and Big Tobias talk a bit about story production, a Dunesteef tribute folk song, as well as plugging their work elsewhere.  Tobias!

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