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"Don't touch it!  It's evil!"
For the captain and crew of the Nomad, the derelict spacecraft looks like a great opportunity for salvage.  But their little detour may end up costing them a lot more than time or money.
Also, Big and Rish talk afterward.  Novel, I know.  Rish has been inspired by filmmaker Kevin Smith, and maybe they can get Announcer Man to participate in the show today.

Special thanks to Bryan Lincoln for producing today's story and to Philippa Ballantine, Ray Saltrelli, Ayoub Khote, and Liz Lincoln for lending their voices to the episode.

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What would Rish Outfield give for a Parsec Award nomination?  Would he give...his soul?
Also, Joshua Reynolds brings us "The Strange Affair of the Sundered Man."  Ameriquetzlan ambassador Ulrich Popoca returns, this time to investigate a baffling case involving a person still alive, despite being--quite literally--half the man he used to be.
Afterward, Big and Rish talk about their separate vacations, including a San Diego Comic-Con that made Rish--almost quite literally--old.

Special thanks to Rich Girardi for producing today's story and lending his voice to the episode.

Join us, as Mike Resnick brings us another adventure of space-faring ladies man and all around tough guy, Catastrophe Baker!
Also, Rish and Big talk about trying, trying again (if at first you don't succeed), as well as handling criticism.

Special thanks to R.E. Chambliss for producing today's story, and Rich Girardi, Kenn Crawford, Josh Roseman, R.E. Chambliss, L. Scribe Harris, and Craig Robertson for lending their voices to today's episode.

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