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There was an error with the original upload of this episode that caused 25 minutes of the show to disappear.  This is the corrected upload.

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine marks one hundred over-long episodes with “The Battle of Leila the Dog” by Rick Kennett.

Cy De Gerch is being pestered by the sound of a whining dog…only dogs aren’t allowed on the bridge of a fighting space vessel in a war zone. What is going on?

Afterward, Big and Rish talk about . . . oh no, not about dogs again. Ghost dogs! “Where the Red Fern Grows!” Corporal Liam Tasker! This can only end badly. And it looks like Rish Outfield has opened his big mouth one time too many.

Special thanks R.E. Chambliss, Rich Girardi, and Josh Roseman for lending their voices to today’s episode.

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Written on a dare, and produced by Bryan "The Fonz" Lincoln, the Dunesteef brings you "Spider Hunt."
Lysel was attacked and bitten by a giant venomous spider, now Leyton must collect dozens of venom sacs to make the antidote for the poison, or his sister will perish.  Can he get them in time...
Afterward, Big and Rish talk about spiders, the sounds they might make, and creative outlets.  Big talks about "The Thundercats" and Rish complains about special effects...again.  Just count yourself lucky they don't sing the theme to "Mister Belvedere."

Special thanks Bryan Lincoln for producing today's story, and to Angela Moore for lending her voice to today's episode.

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Where will you be when the end of the world comes?  At home, able to spend the final days of your life with your loved ones?  Or will you be caught far away, and spend your final days trying get back to them?  And what does Tupac Shakur have to do with all of this?

Also, Big talks about the Muppets, Rish talks his usual nonsense, and they both talk about the story's ending.  Plus, Big recounts his recent battle with gurus!
Warning: the "bunt" jokes begin here.  Next week, they get worse.

Special thanks to Rich Girardi for producing the story, and to Juliet Bowler and Rich Girardi for lending their voices to today's episode.

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