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The Dunesteef is proud to bring you the first of the Broken Mirror Story Event finalists, "Cinezas and the Ash King."  The time to choose a new king and queen has come.  One will be made ruler of the land...and the other will die.
Also, Big talks about difficulty pronouncing names in Fantasy, and Rish talks about sacrificing children in the name of religion.  Rish wonders if Big would kill his own child if he had to.  Would you?
WARNING: this episode touches on religious and political themes in a way that may offend listeners sensitive to such subjects.  Listen to the post-story commentary at your own risk.

Special thanks to R.E. Chambliss for producing today's story and to Rhonda Carpenter, Emerian Rich, and Kenn Crawford for lending their voices to today's episode.

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Instead of your normal Dunesteef this week, we bring you a special episode of "That Gets My Goat," Big and Rish's secondary podcast.  After an explanation and a question for the audience, Rish complains about the trailer for an upcoming Liam Neeson movie, then complains about movies in general.

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