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Nairne's brother is dead.  As a peace offering, the enemy clan, the Macnotins, have given him a woman to be his wife.   Marlanna is her name, and Nairne is not pleased with the strange woman.  What is her secret?  And could he ever learn to love a Macnotin?

Also, Big and Rish talk about romance, star-crossed lovers, and by Friggen's Mountain, about Valentine's Day love stories?

Special thanks to Julie Hoverson for lending her voice to today's episode.

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Medi is a vivomancer with a desperate dilemma.  She's the only one who's ever saved a man from a deeply infected wound.  But it was a fluke.  Now, her old professor has called her back to the college.  They need to discover how she saved the infected patient, and they need to do it fast.

Also, Rish and Big talk about atypical endings, surprising endings, brave endings, anything but happy ones, really.  And they bring you the somewhat-anticipated second part of the Irrational Fears discussion.  Grandparental discretion is advised.

Special thanks to Nicole Suddeth for producing and editing today's story, and to Marie Brennan, Kate Baker, and Kerry Watson for lending their voices to today's episode.

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If Rish survives this week, we present to you "Playable Character" by Eric Juneau.

It's not easy being a character in a computer role-playing game.  You can rarely go where you want to, hang around your friends, wear the armor you've been eyeing.  Worse is when your player wants you to run all over the kingdom and slay monsters, or worst of all, when high-level campers stand in the way of you and your player's goal.

Also, Big and Rish talk a bit about World of Warcraft, but mostly they revisit everyone's favorite topic: irrational fears.  This time, they take a look at some listeners' fears and have fun mockin--er, commiserating with them.

Special thanks to Bryan Lincoln for producing and editing today's story, and to Liz Lincoln, John Lincoln, Bryan Lincoln, Buchis and Ghomus from the AIE guild on Earthen Ring, and Aeriah and Siek from the Imperfection guild on Lightninghoof for lending their voices to today's episode.
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Jeremiah's son died twenty years ago, his wife died years ago too.  But as he drives home on a winter evening, he sees a man on the side of the road, hitchhiking.  The man looks familiar...too familiar.

Also, Rish and Big talk about the power of songs when used in other media, Rish talks about times songs have been ruined, and Big talks about music appreciation.  Or something, I wasn't really paying attention.

Special thanks to Julie Hoverson for lending her voice to today's episode.
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Paul Davery has a problem.  His mind was just hijacked, and while he was out, his body murdered his best friend.  Now, he's in a desperate search to discover who is responsible before the authorities find out and throw him in jail.

Also, Rish talks about his aversion to Cyberpunk, and Big calls himself a "craphole."  Then they argue about James Cameron's <em>Avatar</em>, which they went to together, and Rish rambles semi-offensively for a while.  They may mention their worst moviegoing experiences in there somewhere.

Special thanks to Liz Mierzejewski, Julie Hoverson and Josh Roseman for lending their voices to this episode.
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