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Emily always beats Craig at the game of Hangman.  If only he could find an unusual word to stump her, something she would never guess, something like the word scrawled on the piece of paper he found . . .
Afterwards, Big and (an embarrassingly congested) Rish talk about J.J. Abrams' STAR TREK, how they liked it, the idea of franchise reboots, what the ad campaign was trying to say, and how long ago 1996 really was.  Also, the return of Angry Rish Outfield!
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Nothing exciting ever happens to Kaylee.  Her life is almost as boring as yours.  And then she meets the Man In The Box, and her world is finally opened to adventure and mystery.  But is it really worth all the paperwork?
Also, Rish and Big talk about "X-men Origins: Wolverine," and many detours along the way.
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R. Norman Harrison never says much at the yearly writers retreats.  But this year, he has a story to tell, from long ago.  A story about a road trip in 1945, a mysterious house in the middle of nowhere, and a door to a place that can only be described as magical. 
Also, Rish and Big talk about writing and writers groups, books, Broken Mirror Stories, personal experiences, and eventually get back to talk about writing.
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