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Alex and his wife Sara have moved away from New York and are spending their  first night in their new home.  A warm July night.  But then, why are  there children trick-or-treating at their front door.   They are children, right?

Rish and Big talk about writing stories that sound an awful lot like other stories.  Also, they mention something called the Broken Mirror Event.
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Javi Jelcor has lost his young wife.  He can either accept it and move on with his life, or give in to despair.  But there's a third choice: take the body to Mars, and see if the stories of resurrection are true.  What would you do?

Also, Rish and Big talk about the unusual circumstances behind this story's ending.  Was this ending more satisfying than it might have been?  Is a writer obligated to change his ending?  Is an editor out of line to ask for changes or make them on his own?  What would you do?
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Lexis is a prince, the child of a cruel and fearsome king.  He is destined to become the king in his father's place.   That is, if he can survive the death duel he must fight with his brother, the other cat prince.  And now, as his father's army is sacking and destroying an enemy city, Lexis seeks a way to outdo his brother.  There must be some way in this battle to distinguish himself.

Also, Big and Rish talk about cats and dogs, and give their opinion on which ones are better.  Warning, if you love cats, this show may offend you.
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They say Megan is weird.  They say she's an easy target.  They say she's a witch.  They say she has no friends.  The truth is, she does have a friend.  And you shouldn't have messed with Megan.

Also, Big and Rish talk about Dollhouse and their least favorite TV show theme songs.
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