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The Dunesteef save Christmas.  Something has happened to the little town of Hawk Creek.  Overnight, literally from one minute to the next, their Christmas spirit fled.  What can Dale Cooper do to bring it back?

Afterwards, Rish and Big do a self-indulgently extended author's note.   It's really pretty sad how much these guys are in love with themselves.

The lads are excited to present the first novelette on the Dunesteef. In the Old West town of Ogre Ridge, heavy-drinking, broken-hearted Cassie Grant finds herself in the middle of two powerful feuding families. Magical, necromancer families. Cassie won’t last for very long, unless she has help. Supernatural help.

Afterward, Big and Rish talk a little bit about story length and Westerns, and a lot about, well, an array of rambling topics. An embarrassing array.

Special thanks to Julie Hoverson for lending her voice to the story.

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First contact between humans and a being from another planet happens in the New Mexico desert, near a nuclear testing range.  The humans are a group of wide-eyed teenagers, and the otherworldly being calls itself Hotkas.  Hotkas does not come in peace.
Also, Ank-Oatfield talk about aliens, the era of optimistic Science Fiction, and Disney's upcoming THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG.  

Today's story is produced by Liz Mierzejewski.  Also special thanks to Wes Desantis, Garry Gulledge, Sharon Mierzejewski, Mark Mierzejewski, and Liz Mierzejewski for lending their voices to the story.
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Jake is sick, wretchedly sick.  He is overcome with vomiting spells, his joints feel like they're filled with gravel, and he can't even summon the strength to drive home from work.  He certainly must have been poisoned.  But who would do such a thing?  Does he have an enemy?

Don't answer the question, dude, it's just a teaser to get you interested in listening to the story.

Also, Big and Rish talk about...well, they talk about something.  What could it be?  The only surefire way to find out is to listen.  Have fun.

Today's story is produced by Bryan Lincoln, who narrated and edited the tale.  Also special thanks to Liz Lincoln, Sarah Slater, John Riendeau, and Abigail Hilton for lending their voices to the story.
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Popoca is an Ameriquetzlan diplomat abroad in the world's capitol, London.  He is summoned to the scene of a crime, where he meets an old friend and finds a murdered man.

Afterward, Big talks about the complexities of this particular tale, while Rish mainly tries to insult everyone.  Also, an important announcement is made, and Rish introduces the stupidest game of all time.

Special thanks to Josh Roseman for the editing on this story.

Commander Jack Taylor helped overthrow the evil rulers of the planet Tharronia in the name of Earth.  But when word reaches him of the new government's misdeeds and corruption, he returns there on his own to see if he can't make things right.  Despite the previous two sentences, wacky fun ensues.
Also, Big talks about politics and Rish talks about aliens, and both talk a bit about collaboration in writing.

Special thanks to Josh Roseman, Nicole Suddeth, and Bennett Jackson for lending their voices to this episode.
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It's a special Halloween treat...or is it a trick?  W.W. Jacobs' "Monkey's Paw" was just an ordinary little paw, dried to a mummy.  But if used correctly (or incorrectly), it was much more than that.
Also, Rish and Big share a few words about this story, its ending, and a bit more about Halloween.
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Mrs. Rose loves the October visits with her two grandchildren,  but this year the boys seem less interested in the truly important things in life.  Is it that they've become teenagers now . . . or has evil finally entered their hearts?

Also, Rish and Big talk about Halloween traditions, their fondness for the holiday, and killing Mister Harris with flour.

Thanks to Julie Hoverson for lending her voice to this episode.
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After the death of their child, John and Claire go on a much-needed vacation.  They don't heed the warnings of the old man who tells them to keep away from Mermaid Beach.  Bad idea.
Also, Big and Rish talk a little bit about unhappy endings, and it turns out that Big has at least one irrational fear after all.

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William Serrill has gone back to his childhood home for a vacation, the house he and his overactive, terrified imagination so feared decades ago.  But was it really just his imagination?  If so, what is that sound coming from upstairs?
Also, Rish and Big talk about irrational fears (mostly Rish's, the big baby).
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“Someone arrives in town, and discovers that everyone there is exactly the same.”

In this episode, we feature three different pieces on the above theme, by three different authors.

In “Wrong Turn,” a traveling family encounters a world that could only exist in Wendy Cooper's imagination.  Or could it?

In “Where Once Your Soul Dwelled" by Liz Mierzejewski, Mike has the misfortune of stopping for gas in the wrong little town, running into an unfriendly bunch of . . . twins?

In “27 Jennifers” Josh Roseman tells of a young woman who is considered all-too replaceable by her demanding husband Michael.

Also, Rish and Big open the doors to next month's story contest.

Special thanks to Liz Mierzejewski, and Dani Cutler for lending their voices to today's show.
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"Someone arrives in town, and discovers that everyone there is exactly the same."
In this episode, we feature three different pieces on the above theme, by three different authors.  

In "The Return," Kevin Anderson interprets the subject in verse.  

In "Scriptopia," Michael A. Kechula tells of a visit to a strange place, where everyone is a writer, but Kevin would decidedly not be welcome.  

In "Chemo: The Town of Golden Woods" by J.M. Perkins, an elite team of trained agents is sent into a little town, in search of the previous team that went in . . . and didn't report back.

Special thanks to Josh Roseman, Nicole Suddeth, Liz Mierzejewski, Abbie Hilton, and Marcus Brodeur for lending their voices to today's show.
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Peter Wilson just died and got restored.  It's nice to not have to stay dead, but the problem is, it's been 58 years since he died.  Everyone he's ever know is dead, or totally changed.  And there's one ever told him that restoration was such a bitch.

Big and Rish talk about being forever young, give the winner and answers to the movie quotes quiz, and, as always, ramble on.

Special thanks to Dani Cutler and Marie Brennan for lending their voices to today's story.
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Bartholomew Higgins is a bookseller who specializes in finding first editions of rare science fiction classics.  What does he do when he encounters a woman who actually reads these rare books, and takes notes in their margins?  And now that he's met her, he's having the most fantastic dreams...

Big and Rish talk about collecting, and we finally get to hear about Rish's trip to Comic-Con.

Special thanks to Eleiece Krawiec and Abigail Hilton for contributing their voices to this episode.

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Ernie Pine's neice, Christine, has become tangled up in an hundred-year-old Chinese spell.  Now, Ernie is caught in a mad dash to save her from an evil force that is trying to steal that ancient magic.  But is Christine even alive anymore?

Also, Rish and Big talk about ghosts, and their past experiences with them.  They also do a lot of whining.
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Peter has grown old.  He's actually outlived all the people who love him, so all he has left is his memories.  But could reliving his memories be dangerous?  Even deadly?

Also, Rish and Big talk about suspension of disbelief, stupid stunts they pulled when they were young and stupid...well, more stupid anyway, and the Spanish Inquisition (bet you didn't expect that).
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Miranda has never known her father, and her mother hasn't been very forthcoming about identity.  But one day, staying home from school, she meets the man, and everything becomes clear.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about destiny, being ordinary, and make fun of Abbie much more than is necessary.  Also, it's been ten years since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out in theatres.  What do they remember about its release, and how do they feel about the movie now?

Special thanks to Liz Mierzejewski for lending her voice to today's story.
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In the near-future, where a steadily growing network of nano-cameras keep watch over almost everything, a reporter wants one last chance to get an old-fashioned scoop.  So she heads to the last blind spot in the world, before the nano-cam network achieves 100% coverage.  But just what exactly is waiting for her there?

Also, Rish and Big introduce to you the newest (shameless and always unsuccessful) promotional contest.  It's the Name That Quote Contest!

Special thanks to Emma Dubery for narrating today's story.
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It's been a year since the Dunesteef sullied the net with its presence!  Big and Rish talk a little bit about the year that was, favorite moments, which show has been the most popular, what they've learned, who they'd like to thank, and what the other should apologize for.  Also, they throw in a couple of bonus stories: "Devo" by Rish Outfield and "The Shortest Ghost Story Ever Told" by Big Anklevich.

Special Thanks to Josh Roseman and Amory Lowe for voicing "Devo" and Nicole Suddeth for voicing "The Shortest Ghost Story Ever Told."
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Here's a promo for our show, share it with all your friends.
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Here's a promo for our show, share it with all your friends.
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Here's a promo for our show, share it with all your friends.
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In a sequel to "Lonely Heart Clob," Leonard has finally won the heart of the lovely Catherine Hewson.  But how can he keep her?  His semi-imaginary pig companion Clob has a suggestion or two.

And, Big and Rish talk about Pixar Animation Studio, their newest film UP, their previous efforts, their distinguished competition, and something called Shrek Syndrome.  The episode is long, but hopefully it's as good as it is long.

Special thanks to Emma Dubery for lending her voice to today's episode.
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Lydia's boyfriend Ben disappeared while they were trekking together on Mount Everest two years ago.  Now, she is back, reliving the journey, hoping to find clues to unravel his disappearance.  But she never expected to find ghosts.

Also, Big and Rish talk Terminator, Firefly, Pixar, and Up.  It's the Pre-Up episode.  Get ready for next weeks Up extravaganza...or well, episode.

Special thanks to Eleiece Krawiec for the story narration and Josh Roseman for the editing on the story.

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Charlie has a proposal for his girlfriend Dementia, but over dinner, she has a question to ask of him. Has he ever considered becoming a vampire?

Also, after an unexpected visitor, Big and Rish talk about audio book readers and podcasters, the good and the bad. And they introduce a new segment for the show (just pray they never repeat it).

Special thanks to Liz Mierzejewski for lending her voice to today's episode.

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Diane and Ray are art lovers and patrons, always after the next big thing, something amazing, something shocking, something unique. They find it in Willie, a boy who is...normal. For, in a world where everyone is a special and uniquely engineered snowflake, what exactly, is special and unique anymore?

Also, Rish and Big do a post-mortem on Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse." How was it? Any favorite moments? Did it live up to its potential? And FOX did cancel it, didn't they?

Special thanks to Eleiece Kraweic for narrating today's story.

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Emily always beats Craig at the game of Hangman.  If only he could find an unusual word to stump her, something she would never guess, something like the word scrawled on the piece of paper he found . . .
Afterwards, Big and (an embarrassingly congested) Rish talk about J.J. Abrams' STAR TREK, how they liked it, the idea of franchise reboots, what the ad campaign was trying to say, and how long ago 1996 really was.  Also, the return of Angry Rish Outfield!
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Nothing exciting ever happens to Kaylee.  Her life is almost as boring as yours.  And then she meets the Man In The Box, and her world is finally opened to adventure and mystery.  But is it really worth all the paperwork?
Also, Rish and Big talk about "X-men Origins: Wolverine," and many detours along the way.
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R. Norman Harrison never says much at the yearly writers retreats.  But this year, he has a story to tell, from long ago.  A story about a road trip in 1945, a mysterious house in the middle of nowhere, and a door to a place that can only be described as magical. 
Also, Rish and Big talk about writing and writers groups, books, Broken Mirror Stories, personal experiences, and eventually get back to talk about writing.
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Police Diver Marty Coin has entered Boston Harbor looking for a body.  But when he enters the murky brown depths, he finds something else.  Confronted by his past, and looking at an unpleasant future, what will Marty do in the present?
Also, Rish and Big talk about the Broken Mirror event, deadlines, and whether suicide is indeed painless.
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Ever seen a human soul?  I mean the actual ball of light in every person's chest, the essence of their being?  Not that many people have reason to open up someone's chest to find out if they can see it.  But if you can, it turns out that there's a market out there for souls.

Also, Big and Rish talk about April's Broken Mirror Story Event.

A special thank you to Josh Roseman for the editing on today's story.
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Tasha Meckler nearly discovered the secret of teleportation.  Now discredited, a new opportunity arises to clear her name and regain respect in her field.  Should she take it?"

Also, Big and Rish talk about teleportation in fiction, and a bit more about this month's Broken Mirror Story Event.  Oh, and Richard Simmons.
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The mavich is coming. It can’t be stopped. The only way to get away is to change who you are, through and through. That works pretty well . . . for a while.

Rish and Big talk about the Broken Mirror Story Event, and reveal the premise for the contest.  They talk about more experiences with different people having the same idea simultaneously.  Also, see if you can count how many times Big Anklevich says "That's right" throughout the episode.

We'd also like to thank Liz Mierzejewski and Abigail Hilton for contributing their voices to today's episode.

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Alex and his wife Sara have moved away from New York and are spending their  first night in their new home.  A warm July night.  But then, why are  there children trick-or-treating at their front door.   They are children, right?

Rish and Big talk about writing stories that sound an awful lot like other stories.  Also, they mention something called the Broken Mirror Event.
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Javi Jelcor has lost his young wife.  He can either accept it and move on with his life, or give in to despair.  But there's a third choice: take the body to Mars, and see if the stories of resurrection are true.  What would you do?

Also, Rish and Big talk about the unusual circumstances behind this story's ending.  Was this ending more satisfying than it might have been?  Is a writer obligated to change his ending?  Is an editor out of line to ask for changes or make them on his own?  What would you do?
Direct download: Dunesteef_26_With_Mars_In_His_Hand_by_Bosley_Gravel.mp3
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Lexis is a prince, the child of a cruel and fearsome king.  He is destined to become the king in his father's place.   That is, if he can survive the death duel he must fight with his brother, the other cat prince.  And now, as his father's army is sacking and destroying an enemy city, Lexis seeks a way to outdo his brother.  There must be some way in this battle to distinguish himself.

Also, Big and Rish talk about cats and dogs, and give their opinion on which ones are better.  Warning, if you love cats, this show may offend you.
Direct download: Dunesteef_25_A_Cat_Prince_Distinguishes_Himself_by_Abigail_Hilton.mp3
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They say Megan is weird.  They say she's an easy target.  They say she's a witch.  They say she has no friends.  The truth is, she does have a friend.  And you shouldn't have messed with Megan.

Also, Big and Rish talk about Dollhouse and their least favorite TV show theme songs.
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Life is tough for Leonard.  Adding to the misery of his job, his lack of lovelife, and funny accent, there's Clob.  Yes, Clob the pig.  Clob the imaginary friend. Clob the manifestation of his id.  What, don't you have a Clob?

Also, Rish and Big talk about their top five favorite TV show theme songs of all time.
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It's finally here!  The first of our four October Scary Story Event finalists.

In today's story, four friends decide to do something different than Trick-or-Treating for Halloween this year.  When they get more than they bargained for, the answer to one question might be the difference between life and death.  The question is:  do you believe in Sadie Worth?

Also, Big and Rish do feedback on last weeks episode.
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Tim's life is in shambles, what with the bitter divorce, problems with his kids, his meddling mother, his job, and the ever-increasing suicide rate.  But he's got a good attitude, and that makes all the difference between misery and, well, a particularly good day.
Warning: Today's Dunesteef story is particularly twisted.  Sick, even.  Listener discretion is advised.

Also Big and Rish talk about twisted and sick things, and try to discover when one has crossed the line.
Direct download: Dunesteef_21_Good_Day_by_Saul_Lemerond.mp3
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Ben's wife, Melissa, was torn apart emotionally when she miscarried their first child.  After a suicide attempt, Ben realized he had to do something to help her heal.  So he took her to a seaside cabin to give her a chance to restore herself.  Little did he know, even greater dangers lie in wait for them there.

Also, Big and Rish talk about volunteers, getting stuck in the snow, and the Amanda Bynes version of Snow White...well...not really

Direct download: Dunesteef_20_Creature_Of_The_Sea_by_Lisa_A_Koosis.mp3
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After taking his injured daughter to the hospital, a man stops in at the local diner to give her a treat.  He never expected what he might find there, something that's "Not On The Menu."

Also, Rish and Big talk about New Year's Resolutions for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine.
Direct download: Dunesteef_19_Not_On_The_Menu_by_Derek_L_Palmer.mp3
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This is an addendum to the story that we published last week as a Christmas present for Rish Outfield.  Included is the entire story by Rish Outfield.  After the story, Big and Rish talk about the story, how it came together, Rish does an Author's Note.

If you want to skip ahead to the new stuff, it starts at 13:54.
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