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In a prequel to CHEMO: The Town Of Golden Woods, there's been a riot at the prison, but it's not like any riot you've ever seen before.  It's Agent Joseph's first mission with CHEMO and his team of rookies will be tested to its limits.

Also Big and Rish talk about different kinds of zombies, experiences with the military, and we get the return of one of your favorite features of yesteryear.  Don't miss it!

Don't forget that the October Scary Story Event is going on now.  You really ought to get started.

Special thanks to Bryan Lincoln for producing this week's episode, and to Lizanne Herd, Nicole Suddeth, Ray Saltrelli, Bryan Lincoln and Buchis and Ghomis of the A.I.E. Raid Wrapup podcast for lending their voices to today's story.

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