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Jason Sanford recently published his first novel, and it has a title that might sound familiar to long time listeners of the Dunesteef. His new book is called "Plague Birds." That's right, the book is the further and expanded adventures of Crista and her AI symbiote that we first brought to you back in episode 92 and then continued their story in episodes 125 and 126 with Jason's sequel. Now you can buy the novel length story which further explores the detailed and fascinating world the characters occupied, expands the story of Crista, and uncovers an extremely personal conspiracy that threatens the lives of millions.

We got the amazing opportunity to sit down and talk with Jason about his novel, his process, and pitfalls of the industry. Listen to (or watch) the interview, and be sure to support Jason by buying the book.

P.S. - Sorry about Big's microphone. He thought he was getting the sound from the nice mic you can see in the shot, but he was actually getting his sound from the built-in mic on his computer, recording all the echoes bouncing around that big study he is sitting in.

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