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Everyone finds the Others revolting. They are aliens, unwelcome visitors now squatting on Earth. And when Hughes is forced to partner up with one of the Others for his Biology class presentation, he is mortified and disgusted. But will he still feel that way once he's gotten to know her? 

Afterwards, we invite the producer of today's story, Clay Dugger, into the studio to discuss the story, its length, and lack of awesomeness.
Special thanks to Clay Dugger for producing today's story, to Renee Chambliss, Thea Killen-Smith, Dave Robison, Rich Girardi, Abigail Hilton, jay Langejans, Julie Hoverson, Joe Zieja, Gina Moretto, Bryan Lincoln, and Clay Dugger for lending their voices to the episode, and to Gino Moretto for creating the art for the story.

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