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Three girls, with rhyming names, from a small town in Montana, are celebrating the final day of summer vacation when they witness something amazing. You'll never guess what is waiting for them over the next rise.

Afterward, in an episode that was recorded on the day that David Bowie passed away last January, Big and Rish talk about Bowie's legacy, victories, value, and also Bruce Springsteen.

Special thanks to Jonathan Wilson for producing today's story, and to Renee Chambliss, Abigail Hilton, Tena Kolokowski, and Wendy Repchin for lending their voice to the episode.

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When the zombie apocalypse arrived, we weren't prepared. We fought amongst ourselves. We did everything wrong. Now, breathers are a minority to the zees. We run and hide constantly from the shambling hordes, as they are driven onward by their never-ending hunger for warm, living flesh. That's why they do it, right?

Afterward, Big and Rish talk...well, zombies of course. Then they hit two things that they forgot to include in the last episode. Sorry about that guys, we meant to do them, but when we lost our first recording, we became scatterbrained.

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A while back, Big's child displayed an irrational fear of bees, causing concern, irritation, and sleeplessness.  But something positive has come out of it . . . an all-new episode of the Dunesteef.  Join Big, Rish, and a friendly policeman as we hear various takes on the idea, from listeners Andrew O'Dell, Gino Moretto, Sam, Bria Burton, Andy Dillbeck, Cameron, Nobilis Reed, and Rish Outfield.  Yes, the Bee Episode.

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No, we're not circling the drain. We actually have several stories in various stages of production. However, we aren't presenting any of those to you today, and we didn't want you to have to wait too long for the next episode. So, today is one of those...uh...meta episodes, where we talk about the upcoming changes to the podcast, as well as a nice introduction to Rish Outfield's now available first novel, <em>Into The Furnace</em>. Enjoy the show, and be sure to purchase the book. The more sales, the faster Rish will have another written and produced.

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Joel's luck has gone south. He's lost his job, his marriage has dissolved, and his truck crashed and his dog died...wait a minute, sorry, scratch those last two. This isn't a country song, it's a short story. Anyway, Joel has been pushed to the limit, and he's thinking of giving up, unless something can change his luck...

Afterward, Big and Rish have an announcement to make about the future of the podcast. What changes might be in store, find out on the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine!

Special thanks to Gino Moretto, Barry Haworth, Bria Burton and Marshal Latham for lending their voices.

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With Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice hitting theaters, Fake Sean Connery hopped in the car to head out to the theater, but his automobile had different plans, and Fake Sean found himself in hot water. If only someone could help...a bird, or a plane, or...or...

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What a strange trip it's been.  And speaking of strange trips, we bring you the final winning entry in the Triple Word Score Contest, "Greetings from the Ninth Sector."  Corporal Bruce Otterson sends home a message each day as the ship he's on travels where very few men have gone before . . . for a reason.

Afterword, surprise, Big and Rish talk about the story!  And give special thanks to Sonny See for his unusual production of the story.

By the way, special thanks to Sonny See and Josh Roseman for lending their voices, and to Sonny See for producing the story as well as the art, and the awesome YouTube video for that matter.

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Almost there folks. We're coming to the end of our TWSC stories. This time it's Big Anklevich with a tale about a doppelganger, and the mischief that he can get up to.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about writing, goals, and facing a grocery store. It's scintillating stuff.

Special thanks to Brian Lincoln for producing and lending his voice to the story.

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We've all met one of them in our life. You know those people who think Christmas is a humbug. People that think there's more of gravy than of grave to a ghost story. People that just don't care about the holidays...if only they had a name to call them...anyway, today's story is about that guy.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about the story and just what it means, oh, and I'll let you know right now, California Rish does not make an appearance.

Special thanks to Tena Kolakowski for lending her voice to the story.

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The International Association of Time Travelers member forum has some lively discussion going on over at the Europe – Twentieth Century – Second World War subforum. Let's listen in and see...

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about online culture and World War II, but separately, because, you know, there'd have to be time travel involved for them to come together at all.

Special thanks to Marshal Latham, Bria Burton, Tena Kolakowski, John Higham, and Jonathan Wilson for lending their voices to the story, to Justin Charles for producing the episode and to Jonathan Wilson for providing the art.

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